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Brentwood e-Waste Recycling offer premium services to renowned customers and established businesses in Bay Area’s. The moto stands as…

“We create and provide E- Waste solutions for your Business”


Sustainable Development via Recycling and Reusing

Our highly proficient teams are competent in electronic and IT unused and discarded products’ recycling, reprocessing and sustenance like All the products should be either in singular or plural form. The reusing and convalescing process Ensure environmental conservation and sustainable growth. Recycling can reduce and diminish the volume and intensity of cast-off electronic waste objects by eliminating and convalescing organized ingredients from the printed circuit constituents. The decrease of perilous and unsafe IT asset left-over supports to meet the necessities of unexploited material annihilation under RCRA, 40 CFR 262 and Executive Order (EO) 13148, EO 13101,

Safeguarded Data Chopping and Shredding

Brentwood E-waste is an expert and top notch player in data destruction and conforms to US Department of Defense 522220.22-M. Being an active member of National Association for Information Destruction, it confirms full and completely assured safe data destruction methods. The company provides various branches and procedures of data expiry like hard drive chopping and grinding, hard drive obliteration and hard drive overwriting and lapsing etc. We offer best approach in hard drive pulling-down process that industriously converts non-recyclable objects to uncountable tiny bits and remains, eventually resulting to safe clearance and discard.


  • Clean & Green Environment
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Electronic Efficiency
  • Economic Growth




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